Know how to balance your saddle !

When you decode to acquire a stool you will definitely think about buying one that suits you. You will make the selection, with respect to the leather, with respect to the origin or the mark, in relation to the finish but especially in relation to the size. But among all these selection criteria, it should not be forgotten that the size counts much more than the others. The size of the saddle should be adjusted to ensure balance when climbing.

The basis of the choice of saddle size

The riding professionals have already insisted that one can not choose a saddle too big nor too small and even less a saddle that corresponds strictly to the size of the rider. This is where the dilemma arises. The saddle must be balanced so that it is more than normal for the rider to move up and the animal can also be comfortable without any discomfort caused by Disturbing saddle. Thus, the principle is to make a choice with respect to the morphology of the rider and with respect to the morphotype of the horse. It is the size of the horse that should dictate the size of the saddle arch and in this way the padding will simply fit that shape. For the rider, one must think of the seat. The seat is something that should never be minimized because it is the guarantor of the rider's comfort. This seat will depend only on the age of the rider because there is already a fork for it but after all is first of all a matter of comfort and safety.

Be sure of the balance of your saddle

The only way to know that the saddle is adapted is to try it. But on one can find beautiful saddles already ready to be used and whose balance has been verified. These are used stools but they are real racing stools that are suitable for everyone. There are different sizes and no need to wear them all day long to grind them, they can be used directly.

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